Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sorry it's been so long; I had hoped to blog this weekend. But I'm still working toward my December 20th deadline, and I also have hand pain now, so I need to not type more than necessary. I've actually learned a lot this week about the muscles that control the fingers—did you know some of them stretch all the way down your forearm? (Maybe I would have known that too, if I'd paid more attention in Bio!) I actually looked this up online to confirm it, rather than find out—I could tell. Whenever I flex my right index finger, an area of my forearm near the inside of my elbow hurts. I showed my four-year-old the picture, and also my arm as I bent the finger—he noticed the slight motion of the muscle flexing under the skin! Learning through real life is so great. I think he'll remember that one. I know I tend to remember facts I learned in ways like that.

So I'll be taking two days off from both typing and browsing—more if necessary—starting when I post this. Thankfully the timing's right: my next task is to go through the whole manuscript to look for any small changes I want to make, and I do this in a new way I've learned: by reading it aloud and recording it. I find that reading aloud is the only way I see both the forest and the trees—I read every single word, and at the same time I'm swept up in the emotional journey. It's perfect for the last sweep, helps me to find false notes of any kind. And it doesn't involve typing!

So, next week my hands will be better and I'll blog properly, Lord willing. Thanks for your patience!